It’s been well over 30 years since our first Cambridge Proficiency class. During these years we have always taken pride in how very successful we have been and in the level of knowledge that our students achieved. Proficiency courses, however, always lasted 2 calendar years and included both winter and summer lessons, and also bore a substantial cost.

The crisis, which the Greek economy has experienced in recent years, has motivated a research and the endeavour to run a new proficiency programme, which would bear the same results in fewer yet more productive teaching hours. The results of our efforts and of the trial run, which we carried out in 2014, were so encouraging that we decided on its immediate adoption.

So, at a time when our competitors choose to drop prices or teaching hours by fleeing away from the Cambridge Proficiency demands, we are managing to offer what our quality conscience commands. That is, more cost friendly Proficiency courses and Cambridge Proficiency Certificates.

The added benefit from this programme is that it comprises 4 MODULES and it is built in such a way that the effectiveness of the programme is irrelevant of the order in which the MODULES are covered. This may well allow the students to create their own programme and set their personal aims in terms of when they wish to go for the examination.


Why Cambridge Proficiency?

Because the more unemployment increases, the more valuable need to be the qualifications that our learners achieve.

What do we mean by Modular?

It means split in self contained, continuous and equal-sized learning units.

Why Modular?

Because it offers flexibility and enables the students to organise the course according to their needs (e.g. it could solve problems arising from financial or time limitations).

How can this happen?

It is as simple as having to change 4 busses in order to get to a place. Every time you get of one bus, you have the option of getting the next or waiting for the one after that.

What is the secret?

It is the fact that the order in which the modules are covered is not of any importance.

Has this happened before?

Yes. Many educational organisations in Europe have been using such programmes for years. We have had excellent results in our trial run.

And the COST …

If flexibility is the number one advantage of this new programme, cost-effectiveness is the second and most important. We managed to cut the cost of a quality Proficiency course by 50%.

If you are ready get on board our next bus, we are ready to take you on a journey to an extremely beneficial destination.