Cambridge Young Learners Exams (YLE)

The Cambridge Young Learner Examinations certify knowledge of the A1 and A2 levels on the scale of the Council of Europe and have been used to assess the language levels of schoolchildren for many years.

Since 2015 we have been offering YLE exam participation to all our A, B and C senior students, free of charge.

Our students benefit from participating in the YLE exams in many ways:

  • They adopt reliable learning aims
  • They clearly perceive the Language levels of the CEFR
  • They attain certification that adds value to our end of year Certificate of Achievement
  • They gain experience that stops them shying at the thought of examinations in the future
  • They become acquainted with Cambridge, the toughest language test provider worldwide.

We can’t help feeling that this has been the most valuable gift we could have ever given to our young ones.