emotional-intelligence-1074x483This is the educational approach, which states that every learner comprehends, learns and remembers in his own individual way. It is the teaching philosophy, which professes that if both the student, and also his educators, were aware of his learning type and his particular learning needs, then we would have more enthusiastic learners, fewer failures and generally fewer children in distress.

This philosophy seems to have been embraced by our Mission Statement for many years. Those who have known us from the past must have surely come across our mission statement in the Student Handbook, which we give every September to all our students.

If you cannot learn the way they are trying to teach you, we will teach you the way you can learn

Based on our many years of experienced we have endeavour to keep this promise to our students. But with the support of QLS and the cooperation of the Cyprus Nicosia University, in September 2015 we were given the necessary tools for the most effective assessment of the learning type of each one of our students. Through answering a simple questionnaire on the Nicosia University platform, we are furnished with a report focusing on the learning abilities of the particular student.

These reports are exceptionally useful for all teachers, as well as for the students and the parents.