one2one for private tuition

This unique programme is the result of a QLS study. Its purpose is to cover the needs of the market in private tutoring based on a quality logo ONE2ONEsystem that would assure results to those who opt for being taught outside the classroom.

The dynamics, the effectiveness and the communicative aspects found in a classroom are educational factors that cannot be doubted, yet if there are specific reasons for choosing private tuition, the one2one system – which we exclusively offer in the Volos area – can provide the quality assurance and the peace of mind that you would be looking for.

To the point

There are a number of reasons why private lessons are often ineffective. They range from inexperience and negligence to attempting to bring classroom syllabi to private teaching. Contrary to this, we focus on the heart of your learning needs by providing lessons to the point!

Every one2one lesson is based on a syllabus that caters for your exact needs. One2one may start any time throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to come in now for a chat about your language needs.