Safety is an important issue

Health & Safety in the Anetopoulou-Hutton schoolsWe are probably the only language schools in Volos, which are fully equipped and able to offer First Aid should there be need for it. All our members of staff, be it academic or administrative, have been fully trained on offering First Aid, while refresher courses are organised almost annually. We consider this to be another endeavour towards a holistic quality of service, and a proof of the respect we show to parents and students alike.

If at some point in the academic year the parents ‘hear’ that during the lesson the school’s alarm sounded and the teachers had to lead all the students in an organised fashion to a «safe» place outside the school, they should not worry. It will most probably be one of our evacuation drills.

Drills such as these take place twice a year, so as to prepare our staff and students for the right way to react in case of emergency.